• A base in cubic RAW, embellished with bicone beads. The components can be arranged to bracelets, necklaces and pendants.

    10 pages with many drawings and pictures. 

    beading level 2 to 3

    The pattern is only available as...

  • Little sparkling snowflakes are combined to a necklace, bracelet and earrings.

    17 pages with many drawings and images.

    Beading level 1 to 2

    The pattern was written in 2009 and is available as download only. 

  • It is quite a challenge to start this project, and you should be experienced in RAW and cubic RAW.

    15 pages with many drawings and pictures.

    Level 3

    The pattern was written in 2010 and is available as download...

  • The necklace si based on circular RAW. The parts are soft and smooth and can be combined in endless ways.

    11 pages with many illustrations.

    Beading level 2 to 3

    The pattern was written in 2010 and is only available as...

  • New Romance is based on the old Terracotta Romance. This time the units changed completely. They are even on both sides and mounted with jump rings, which makes the entire design more versatile.

    It is a free pattern, so just download it...

  • La Belle, "The Beauty", a necklace that in not only a visual highlight but also a technical experience. The square shaped components are connected with two kinds of ropes. This piece is really an eye catcher. 

    29 pages with many...

  • This beautiful sparkling necklace requires some effort to be finished, but it is worth the time. It is flexibel and fits perfectly around your neck. If you are a bit in a hurry, you can also use the components as a focal piece, or for a...

  • A beautiful bracelet, that can easily be modified into a necklace. Both variations are explained in the instructions.

    14 pages with many pictures and drawings.

    beading level 2 (basic knowledge in seed beading...