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  • Cosimo, That is a gorgeous pendant with many little details. By using unfolied Rivolis in the center, the piece has its very own shimmer. The pendant is 6.5 to 6.5 cm, plus 6cm fringes. The pattern includes 24 pages with many pictures and...

  • Isabel is a cross shaped pendant, that attracts with its ornamental embellishments. The cross has a diameter of 5cm and a length of 7. The pattern includes 20pages with many drawings and pictures.  

    Beading level 3 (a good thread...

  • The matching kits for the pattern "The Round Cubel" of the book "Beadwork Evolution".

    The pattern is not included in the kit, the book must be purchased separately.

    The kit includes all the beads required for one...

  • A sparkling pendant with a different kind of bezel. The pattern includes a lot of drawings and pictures on 10 pages.

    Beading level 2

    Supplies: Round Stone 1201, 27mm from  Swarovski, firepolished...

  • A small cross shaped pendant, way smaller then Catherine of Aragon or Lucrezia. The pattern includes 14 pages with many drawings and illustrations. 

    Beading levell: 2 (basic knowledge in Peyotetechnique is...

  • Cersei is delicate and powerful. The heavy dome beads are connected with a filligree bezel. The pattern includes 12 pages with many drawings and pictures.  The finished pendant is 4x4 cm.

    Beading level 2 (a good tension is...

  • A cube shaped pendant made from 14 mm Rivolis, with an enormous bling effect.

    9 pages with many drawings and images.

    Beading level 2

    The pattern was written in 2010 and is available as download only.

  • You can put Bling Rings on a chain, use them as little pendants or as chain part of another project. The Bling Rings got a complete renovation and some little changes.

    This is a free pattern, just download...

  • Vienna is a bit smaller then the other crosses I made and has a rivoli only on one side, what makes it more suitable for shorter necklaces.

    22 pages with many drawings and pictures.

    Beadinglevel 3 (expert)

    Supplies: Rivoli...

  • The little temptation is sometimes a sparkling pendant. The pattern was completey new written in 2013, some little changes make the pendant more stable. 

    15 pages with many drawings and pictures.

    Beading level 2 (basic...

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