Free Patterns

Free Patterns

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  • This bracelet is soft and flexible and matches every wrist.

    Happy Beading!

  • The Frankfurt Bead lace in a new dress. This was my first pattern and it deserved some renovation.

    This is a free pattern, just download and enjoy!

  • You can put Bling Rings on a chain, use them as little pendants or as chain part of another project. The Bling Rings got a complete renovation and some little changes.

    This is a free pattern, just download...

  • This pattern has its history, you will find it when you download the PDF. It is my personal statement against racism and hatred. Because of this I decided to make it a free pattern for all of you. 

  • A little Thank You from me to you! Waves is easy to make, also for less experienced beaders. And the experienced ones might like the quick success! An all day wearable piece for you or your friends.

    Enjoy the project, just choose the...

  • A three strand necklace and even more. The roses and dragons can be combined in many ways.

    Enjoy this free pattern.

  • I created this little ring to give you an insight into the basics of Chenille stitch. In addition this pattern iincludes some helpful tips about how to handle my patterns. 

    Just choose the language variant (german or english)...

  • These statement Bangles just rock! They are made in netting technique and the shape is created by the bead size only. The pattern is for free, just choose the language and you can instantly download it.


  • Small delicate Bangles, made from Button Beads and Emma Beads.

  • New Romance is based on the old Terracotta Romance. This time the units changed completely. They are even on both sides and mounted with jump rings, which makes the entire design more versatile.

    It is a free pattern, so just download it...

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