How to order?

Who is Trytobead?

Trytobead is not a big company, it is only me, Sabine Lippert, designer, secretary, troubleshooter. Due to the internet I can answer your requests also when I am not at home, depending on where I am, it can take a bit longer sometimes. My shop is in Germany, so in case you don't get an immediate reply it might be the middle of the night here.
I check my mailbox on a daily base so the best is to reach me via email  [email protected] (No, I am not sitting on my computer, only almost!).

What is Trytobead?

In the first line you can get beading instructions from me. These are in different levels of difficulties. In case you are not sure if a pattern is suitable for you, do not hesitate to ask me.
For many of my instructions I also offer the matching kits. Further you will find some supplies from my kits that were requestet by customers in the "supplies" department. The currency in my shop is the Euro. If you want to know the exact exchange rate to your currency, please google "your currency (e.g. US Dollar) and Euro exchange rate" and you will get the actual result. When paying through Paypal, you are not charged for the currency exchange.

How can I pay?

Payments work either through Paypal, or as cash in advance via bank transaction. Due to the new Paypal Plus, you can also pay via Credit card, without having a paypal account.

How do I get my instructions?

After placing an order, you get a mail with a download link, where you can download the PDF file. If you open an account in the shop, you will also have your own database in the shop, where your patterns are permanently stored, so you can download the files as often and as long as you like. If there still is a problem, please contact me, we will solve it. 
Last but not least, you have the opportunity to get a printed version of the pattern. I charge an additional  fee of 0,10€ for each printed page. 

Why are the patterns not included in the kit?

If you order a 10 euro kit and a 10 euro pattern, it costs you 20 euro. If it is combined, you pay 20 Euro for the package. So it is the same if you buy the kit in only one color. 
In case you wat to make it in a second color later on, and the price of the pattern is included in the kit, you would have to pay for the pattern again. 
Here you are only charged for the beads, when you want to make a kit in a second color.


How will the kits be sent?

Usually international shipments  are sent as a letter,  "signature required" in this way I can keep the shipping costs low for you. Inside Germany either as a letter or DHL package. Inside Germany it takes some days, to overseas it can take up to two weeks or even longer. Where I am sometimes travelling, the processing time is set on 1 to two weeks.
If you are in a hurry and need something urgently, please contact me ahead, so I can tell you when the shipment can be done.
In case something is missing, please contact me via email.  [email protected]

What can I do if something is missing in the kit?

I am only human, and that meabns I make mistakes (hopefully not too often). In case something is missing in your kit, pleas send me a mail with your address, the name of the kit and colorway and the information about what is missing. Of course I will send the beads as fast as I can. [email protected]

Why are the workshop patterns not for sale?

Some time ago I decided not to sell my workshop instructions anymore. It is the wish to be fair against those people who booked the classes and sometimes travelled far. It would be quite disappointing if the files would be offered for 10 Euros a week later. Please understand, that I am strict here and I ask for your understanding.

Is it allowed to sell the jewelry made after the instructions?

Clear answer: Yes!. I have no problem with that as I know the problem of limited space on the own wrist, neck or ears after half a year of beading frenzie. As long as you are selling this as a private person, also in online platforms like Etsy.  Just no mass production, or sales through a professional shop.

Is there a possibility to teach the patterns?

Yes, please contact me for detailed information. My free patterns can be tought without special permission I only ask you to use the original pattern.