• The 25mm Triangles (SWAROVSKI ELEMENT 2721)  are suitable for bead embroidery.

    The bermuda blue version has a reverse effect, which means the color effect is visible from the flat side.

    Single packed.

  • SWAROVSKI ELEMENT 2006, 12mm, each 4 per pack.

    Ideal focal piece for Bead Embroidery.

  • Suitable as a focal piece for bead embroidery.


    The 12mm Stones are each 2 per pack, the 10mm Stones are packed with 4. 

  • SWAROVSKI ELEMENT 2709, 13x 8mm, suitable as a focal piece for bead embroidery.

    Each 4 per pack.

  • SWAROVSKI ELEMENT 2493, suitable for bead embroidery. 12 x12 mm

    Each 2 stones per pack.

  • These Flatbacks (SWAROVSKI ELEMENT 2035) are suitable as focal pieces for bead embroidery. The 10mm stones are packed with 4 each, the 20 mm stones are packed single.

    One specialty: The Stone in Sahara coating has a reverse coating, that...

  • SWAROVSKI ELEMENT 4869i originally belongs to the Fancy Stones, but where it has a flat reverse, you can glue it on a surface and use it for bead embroidery.

    The shape gives your finished piece an interesting dimensional appearance....