• Fairyland is a round shaped pendant with a diameter of about 4.5 cm. Due to the multitude of bicones, surrounding the round beads like little flowers, the pendant is a sparkling eye catcher.

    Beeading level 2 to 3 (beading experience...

  • The single components of this bracelet reminded me to the famous tiles from Portugal, so the name Coimbra was born. The bracelet is easy to make.

    12 pages with step by step illustrations and pictures.

    Beading level 1 - 2 (basic...

  • The single units of this bracelet look like little bonfires.

    14 pages with many detailed pictures and drawings.

    Beading level 1 - 2 (basic knowledge in seed beading is required)

    Supply list: Seed beads, Rizo beads, Superduo...

  • Sting, an unusual pendant, that requires a good thread tension to make your sting  real straight. 

    20 pages with many pictures and drawings

    Beading level 2 to 3 (experience in beading techniques)

    Supplies: Rivoli...

  • The spikes are arranged in a triangle shape and create an unusual base for the rivoli bezel. Spikes and Rivoli can show their whole beauty in these bracelets.

    13 pages with many drawings and pictures.

    Beading level 2 (basic...