• In this dome shaped pendant, you find a sparkling Rivoli in the center, surrounded by a wreath of drops. The pendant is especially stable, due to its construction underneath.

    17 pages with many drawings and pictures.

    Beading level 2...

  • A pendant with a multitude of little wings arranged in a shape of a turbine. The piece is based on RAW technique, basic knowledge in this technique is helpful.

    16 pages with many images and drawings.

    Beading level 2 to 3 (advanced...

  • This beautiful sparkling necklace requires some effort to be finished, but it is worth the time. It is flexibel and fits perfectly around your neck. If you are a bit in a hurry, you can also use the components as a focal piece, or for a...

  • Acrazy ring but for sure a real eye catcher. 

    12 pages with many drawings and pictures.

    Beading level 2 (basic knowledge in seed beading requred)

    Supplies: Rivoli 14mm. bicones 3 and 4mm, seed beads size 11 and 15,...

  • Vienna is a bit smaller then the other crosses I made and has a rivoli only on one side, what makes it more suitable for shorter necklaces.

    22 pages with many drawings and pictures.

    Beadinglevel 3 (expert)

    Supplies: Rivoli...

  • A very opulent bracelet that will for sure catch some attention.

    15 pages with many drawings and pictures.

    Beading level 2 (knowledge in basic seed beading techniques required)

    Supplies: Rivoli 14mm, firepolished and round...

  • 14 mm Rivolis, SWAROVSKI ELEMENT 1122

    2 per pack


  • In this necklace you find a sparkling round stone mounted to a delicate chain construction. The pattern includes 27 pages with many drawings and illustrations. Knowledge in RAW is required.  

    Beading level 2 to 3


  • Lady Sansa is a beautiful bracelet, consisting of different delicate embellishments. Where you have to handle rather tiny beads, a good basic knowledge in beadweaving, especially circular Peyote is required.  The pattern includes 22 pages...