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  • This bracelet or rather wristlet, is based on a design from Petra Berndorff, who was so kind to give me the permission to make become a pattern. Made with the slightly elastic Sonoko Nozue beading thread, you can just slip in it and no clasp is...

  • This little pendant, that can easily be strung to asmall rope or a cord, is a nice project for beginners.

    7 pages with many drawings and images.

    Also suitable for beginners.

    Supplies: Round beads 8mm, Bicones 3 and 4mm, seed...

  • A sparkling pendant with a different kind of bezel. The pattern includes a lot of drawings and pictures on 10 pages.

    Beading level 2

    Supplies: Round Stone 1201, 27mm from  Swarovski, firepolished...

  • A different kind of bracelet. Due to the arrangement, the bracelet fits like an aureole around the wrist. 

    8 pages with drawings and pictures.

    Beading level 1 to 2 (basic knowledge required)

    Supplies: Firepolished beads...

  • When first finishing the bracelet, it reminded me to these old little cities int he mountains in Italy, where some of the houses literally seem to grow out of the rocks. The bracelet does not need much time to be finished and is  a...

  • The sequel of Handle with care. Due to the attached chatons, the spikes are not so dominant in the design, which make the bracelet much more elegant. 

    15 pages with many drawings and images.

    Beading level 2 (good basic...

  • A very opulent bracelet that will for sure catch some attention.

    15 pages with many drawings and pictures.

    Beading level 2 (knowledge in basic seed beading techniques required)

    Supplies: Rivoli 14mm, firepolished and round...

  • Fairyland is a round shaped pendant with a diameter of about 4.5 cm. Due to the multitude of bicones, surrounding the round beads like little flowers, the pendant is a sparkling eye catcher.

    Beeading level 2 to 3 (beading experience...

  • The little temptation is sometimes a sparkling pendant. The pattern was completey new written in 2013, some little changes make the pendant more stable. 

    15 pages with many drawings and pictures.

    Beading level 2 (basic...

  • A translucent, star shaped pendant, suitable for long and short necklaces as well.

    16 pages with many pictures and drawings.

    Beading level 2 to 3 (beadingexperience required)

    Supplies: Rivoli 14mm unfoiled, Spike beads 7x...

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