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  • The original version of Ayshe was written in 2010. 11 pages with many drawings and images.

    Beading level 2

    Supplies: Drop bead 11 x 8mm, round bead 3mm, seed beads size 11°, 8° and 15°

    The pattern is only available as...

  • Claspgarten brought my idea to life. An earring with an easy to bezel system. No glue required. So I did not want to keep this away from you.

  • You can put Bling Rings on a chain, use them as little pendants or as chain part of another project. The Bling Rings got a complete renovation and some little changes.

    This is a free pattern, just download...

  • This pattern has its history, you will find it when you download the PDF. It is my personal statement against racism and hatred. Because of this I decided to make it a free pattern for all of you. 

  • The pattern shows how to create different shapes, based on the same technique - Peyote. The arrangement of increases and decreases creates the blossoms and leafs. The parts are useful as pendants or embellishments for bags. 


  • The matching kits for the pattern "The Round Cubel" of the book "Beadwork Evolution".

    The pattern is not included in the kit, the book must be purchased separately.

    The kit includes all the beads required for one...

  • A pendant in the shape of a cube, that shows its thorns. To have a nice pendant, you need a good thread tension.

    12 pages with many drawings and pictures.

    Beadinglevel 2 (basic knowledge in seed beading techniques is...

  • How to make a triangle from a round stone? Quite simple!

    11 pages with many drawings and pictures.

    Level 2

    The pattern was written in 2011 and is available as download only. 

  • This beautiful morning Star is due to the use of  resin navettes and Cotton Pearrls not only very playful and delicate but also very light weight.  The pattern includes 20 pages with many drawings and pictures. 


  • Sting, an unusual pendant, that requires a good thread tension to make your sting  real straight. 

    20 pages with many pictures and drawings

    Beading level 2 to 3 (experience in beading techniques)

    Supplies: Rivoli...

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