Pattern only / Goldies

Pattern only / Goldies

  • The new edition of a pattern from 2011. The pendant has a rivoli on the front and reverse, so it is especially made for long necklaces.

    15 pages with many drawings and pictures

    Beading level 2 (basic knowledge...

  • The royal pendant. This piece is really challenging and a technical experience. But it is worth the effort. A beautiful sparkling pendant with a multitude of crystals.

    18 pages with many drawings and pictures.

    Beading level 3...

  • Let it grow, the new edition of a pattern from 2010. The bracelet is easy and relatively fast to make, so it is suitable also for less experienced beaders.

    13 pages with many drawings and pictures.

    Beading level 1 to 2 (basic...

  • Jewel is a pendant made from two parts with a big Rivoli in the center. It is quickly finished and well suitable as a gift.

    13 pages with many drawings and pictures.

    Beading level 1 to 2 (basic knowledge required)


  • A spektacular pendant that requires quite some experience.

    22 pages with a lot of drawings and pictures.

    Beading level 3 (expert)

    Supplies: Rivolis 12mm, bicones 3 and 4 mm, round beads 3mm, seed beads size 11 and 15, cylinder...

  • The single components of this bracelet reminded me to the famous tiles from Portugal, so the name Coimbra was born. The bracelet is easy to make.

    12 pages with step by step illustrations and pictures.

    Beading level 1 - 2 (basic...

  • Catherine of Aragon is the third cross shaped pendant I created. Again you find Rivolis in the center and on all 4 ends. Most of the pendant is made in Peyote technique and it requires some beading experience.

    18 pages, many drawings and...

  • A bracelet with an oriental touch, due to the ornamental embellsihments. It is not taking a lot of time to finish it and is also a project for less experienced beaders.

    12 pages, drawings, step by step pictures.

    Beading level 1 - 2...

  • A bracelet like an oriental carpet. These instructions do not only show you how to make odd count Peyote, but also how to embellish it in different ways.

    12 pages with detailed drawings.

    Beading level 1 -2  (basic experience in...

  • The single units of this bracelet look like little bonfires.

    14 pages with many detailed pictures and drawings.

    Beading level 1 - 2 (basic knowledge in seed beading is required)

    Supply list: Seed beads, Rizo beads, Superduo...