Patterns and Kits

Patterns and Kits

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  • This bracelet is soft and flexible and matches every wrist.

    Happy Beading!

  • Claspgarten brought my idea to life. An earring with an easy to bezel system. No glue required. So I did not want to keep this away from you.

  • This pattern has its history, you will find it when you download the PDF. It is my personal statement against racism and hatred. Because of this I decided to make it a free pattern for all of you. 

  • A little Thank You from me to you! Waves is easy to make, also for less experienced beaders. And the experienced ones might like the quick success! An all day wearable piece for you or your friends.

    Enjoy the project, just choose the...

  • These statement Bangles just rock! They are made in netting technique and the shape is created by the bead size only. The pattern is for free, just choose the language and you can instantly download it.


  • A beaded caterpillar, that one day, when it grew up, will be a beautiful butterfly.

    This pattern is free. Enjoy it.

  • Small delicate Bangles, made from Button Beads and Emma Beads.

  • These tiny buttons are just irresistable and sparkle like crazy!

  • This project includes alternating CRAW and Double CRAW units and is perfect for learning that technique.

    Just choose the language and open the file. 

  • Simplicious is an easy to make bracelet with a lovely texture. The pattern is for free, simply choose your language and download it.

  • The Mingles (Mini Bead Bangles) are perfect for a little beadwork in between. If you cannot get the mini beads, no problem, they can be replaced with any other bead. This makes the mingles perfect also for beginners, or if you have some left...

  • This little pendant, that can easily be strung to asmall rope or a cord, is a nice project for beginners.

    7 pages with many drawings and images.

    Also suitable for beginners.

    Supplies: Round beads 8mm, Bicones 3 and 4mm, seed...

  • These little baskets (about 3 1/2 x 2 inches) are first made in crochet technique and will then be embellished with little beads.

    The pattern includes many pictures and step by step instructions on 25 pages. Basic knowledge in crochet is...

  • A very elegant and sparkling piece of jewelry, that is "be still my heart". The pattern includes 9 pages with detailed drawings and pictures.

    Beading level 1 to 2

    Required supplies: 4mm bicones and round beads, Seed beads size 11°...

  • The sequel of Handle with care. Due to the attached chatons, the spikes are not so dominant in the design, which make the bracelet much more elegant. 

    15 pages with many drawings and images.

    Beading level 2 (good basic...

  • Fairyland is a round shaped pendant with a diameter of about 4.5 cm. Due to the multitude of bicones, surrounding the round beads like little flowers, the pendant is a sparkling eye catcher.

    Beeading level 2 to 3 (beading experience...

  • This bracelet consists of many different Rizo beads and is just fun to make. Due to the colors and shape, it is the perfect summer project. This pattern includes 9 pages with many drawings and Illustrations. All techniques are shown in...

  • The new edition of Thistle (original was published 2009) makes the blossoms even more spikey. The use of O beads gives the design a more playful character.

    16 pages with many drawings and pictures.

    Beadinglevel 2


  • A sparkling bracelet in an interesting shape, created by a mix of RAW and Hubble stitch. The pattern includes 12 pages with many drawings and pictures.

    Level: 2 (basic knowledge in RAW required)

    Supplies: Chatons 8mm (SS39),...

  • Your wrist will sparkle! 24 Chatons are supported by manc bicones and the facets of Half Tilas. The pattern includes 12 pages with many drawings and pictures.

    Beading level 2

    Required supplies: Half Tilas, round...

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