Patterns and Kits

Patterns and Kits

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  • A delicate bracelet with alternating bezeled filigrees and Chatons. The pattern includes 16 pages with many drawings and pictures.

    Knowledge in RAW is required

    Beadinglevel 2

    Required supplies:

    4 square filigrees...

  • One leather band, two sliders, so you can wear them matching your mood and your outfit! The pattern includes 19 pages with many drawings and illustrations. A little knowledge in RAW technnique is helpful. 

    Beading level...

  • This project was created especially for less experienced beaders. As in Roundabout, the instructions are very detailed and do not require special knowledge in beading techniques.

    The pattern includes 15 pages with many drawings and...

  • A little Thank You from me to you! Waves is easy to make, also for less experienced beaders. And the experienced ones might like the quick success! An all day wearable piece for you or your friends.

    Enjoy the project, just choose the...

  • This long chain is a real eye catcher but still suitable for daily use. Making it does not take too long. On 15 pages with many detailed pictures and drawings you are shown how to make it.

    beading level 2 (knowledge in RAW stitch is...

  • A beaded caterpillar, that one day, when it grew up, will be a beautiful butterfly.

    This pattern is free. Enjoy it.

  • A very special bangle, inspired by a piece of ancient jewelry that I saw in Villa Giulia in Rome. The nine components are attached in a way, that this bangle is sturdy and flexible in one.

    The pattern includes 14 pages with many drawings...

  • Vienna is a bit smaller then the other crosses I made and has a rivoli only on one side, what makes it more suitable for shorter necklaces.

    22 pages with many drawings and pictures.

    Beadinglevel 3 (expert)

    Supplies: Rivoli...

  • Six different components make this necklace become a real eyecatcher. All parts can twist as there is no divverence between front or back wich makes the piece easy to wear.
    The pattern includes 19 pages with many drawings and illustrations....

  • The bracelet hase a wave structure what makes a great stage for the sparkling crystals.

    10 pages with many pictures and drawings

    Beading level 1 to 2 (basic knowledge required)

    Supplies: Firepolished beads in 3 and 4mm, round...

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